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Reads JYHoriba Floromax ASCII files in as a DataSet Object.


out = fluoromaxreadr(file,options);


  • file = One of the following identifications of files to read:
  • A single string identifying the file to read
  • A cell array of strings giving multiple files to read
({'example_a' 'example_b' 'example_c'})
  • An empty array indicating that the user should be prompted to locate the file(s) to read


  • out = A DataSet object with date, time, info (data from cell (1,1)), variable names (vars), sample names (samps), and data matrix (data).


options = a structure array with the following fields:

  • waitbar : [ 'off' |{'on'}] Governs use of waitbars to show progress.
  • scattercorrection : [ 'off' | {'on'}] calls flucut for Rayleigh correction.
  • flucut : FLUCUT options field for governing calls to FLUCUT.
  • LowZero : Input (LowZero) to FLUCUT.
  • LowMiss : Input (LowMiss) to FLUCUT.
  • TopZero : Input (TopZero) to FLUCUT.
  • TopMiss : Input (FopMiss) to FLUCUT.
  • xclreadr : XCLREADR options field for governing calls to XCLREADR.

See Also

areadr, dataset, flucut, spcreadr, xclreadr, xlsreadr