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(Commercial Formats)
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* [[jascoeemreadr|Jasco EEM Files (CSV)]]
* [[jascoeemreadr|Jasco EEM Files (CSV)]]
* [[jcampreadr|JCAMP (DX,JDX)]]
* [[jcampreadr|JCAMP (DX,JDX)]]
* [[rdareadr|Siemens RDA file (RDA)]]
* [[spareadr|Omnic SPA File (SPA)]]
* [[spareadr|Omnic SPA File (SPA)]]
* [[spereadr|Princeton Instruments SPE File (SPE)]]
* [[spereadr|Princeton Instruments SPE File (SPE)]]

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Data can be imported into PLS_Toolbox or Solo from a variety of sources using File>Import Data (or similar) menu itesm in the Workspace Browser, Analysis, and DataSet Editor windows.

Unsupported File Formats

Note: If you do not see the file type list below try the following:

  1. Export your data to a supported file type. Often this is delimited text, Excel, or SPC.
    • If data can be exported as text, some customization can be done via our text importing tools to accommodate different formatting:
  2. Locate a community developed importer on the Matlab file exchange.
    • Other sources exist as well, for example: CDF Tools.
  3. Obtain a file format (specification) from the vendor. We're always happy to develop (or help develop) file importers.
    • An actual specification document is great but often vendors have internally developed Matlab importers that can be used outright or be modified to work. It's also very helpful to have example files that can be used to test with.

Common Formats

Commercial Formats

Additional import methods may be available depending on the specific purchased options and the distributor of your copy of PLS_Toolbox or Solo. See other notes below.


  • The Delimited Text File format provides a flexible way to import lots of different text file formats. For details on the format and the options available, see: Text Import Settings
  • The Experiment File import method is used to import multiple data files at once along with corresponding reference values. For more information on the Experiment File format and features, see the reference page for experimentreadr.
  • In some cases you may have to use the DataSet Editor to add additional information to your dataset. For instance, you may add labels and or axis scales after you've imported the raw data. See Key_GUIs for more information on using the DataSet Editor.
  • In cases involving n-way (multidimensional) data you man need to "build up" you dataset. More information about how to do that can be found here.

AutoImport Keywords

The following table lists keywords (aka method names) that can be used to import the corresponding file types when using Solo Scripting import commands or when using the autoimport PLS_Toolbox function.

Keyword File Type
workspace Workspace/MAT file
text Delimited Text File (CSV,TXT)
xy XY... Delimited Text Files (TXT,XY)
excel Excel File (XLS,XLSX,CSV,TXT)
experimentreadr Experiment File (EXP,CSV,XLS,TXT)
clipboard Text from Clipboard (CSV,TXT,XML)
xml XML file (XML)
------ --------------------------------
editds_mtfimport AdventaCT MTF File (MTF)
asf AIT ASF File (ASF, AIF, BKH)
pdfreadr AIT PIONIR File (PDF)
asdreadr Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) Indico (V6 and V7)
opusreadr Bruker OPUS File
brukerxrpdreadr Bruker XRPD File (RAW)
cytospecreadr CytoSpec CYT File (CYT)
envireadr ENVI File (HDR/IMG)
spc Grams Thermo Galactic File (SPC, DHB)
gwscanreadr Guided Wave File (SCAN, AUTOSCAN)
hjyreadr Horiba JY Raman File (NGS, NGC)
aqualogreadr Horiba JY Aqualog File (DAT)
hitachieemreadr Hitachi EEM File (TXT)
shimadzueemreadr Shimadzu EEM File (TXT)
jascoeemreadr Jasco EEM File (CSV)
spareadr Omnic SPA File (SPA)
spereadr Princeton Instruments SPE File (SPE)
spgreadr Omnic SPG File (SPG)
pereadr PerkinElmer File (FSM, SP, VIS)
snabsreadr Stellarnet ABS File (ABS)
------ --------------------------------
camecard Cameca Ion-Tof BIF/BIF6 Image (BIF,BIF6)
opotekenvirdr ENVI Image Format (HDR)
lispixrawreadr Lispix Raw Formatted Image (RAW)
opotektiffrdr Multi-layer TIFF files (TIFF)
rawread Physical Electronics RAW Image (RAW)
img Image (Workspace/MAT file)
imgother Image standard (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG)