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Extracts variables from a structure array.




EXPLODE writes the fields of the input structure struct to variables in the workspace with the same variable names as the field names. If struct is a standard model structure, only selected information is written to the workspace.

Optional string input txt appends a string to the variable output names.


options = a structure array with the following fields:

  • model: [ 'no' | {'yes'} ] interpret struct as a PLS_Toolbox model if possible, and
  • display: [ 'off' | {'on'} ]} display model information.


For the structure array x

>> x.field1 = 2;
>> x.field2 = 3;
>> explode(x)

Input (sdat) is not a recognized model. Exploding as regular structure

>> whos

  Name         Size                   Bytes  Class

  field1       1x1                        8  double array
  field2       1x1                        8  double array
  x            1x1                      264  struct array

the variables field1 and field2 have been written to the base workspace.

See Also

analysis, modelstruct, modlpred, mpca, npls, parafac, pca