Faq any PLS Toolbox functions conflict with the Mathworks Toolboxes

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Do any PLS_Toolbox functions conflict with the Mathworks Toolboxes?

Possible Solutions:

There are several files in PLS_Toolbox which are named the same as files in Mathwork's toolbox products. When such conflicts exist, Matlab will only be able to use the file located earliest in the Matlab Path (type pathtool to view and edit the Matlab path). In the case of such conflicts, you can switch between which file is used by editing the path and moving the desired folder (i.e. toolbox) to above the conflicting folder.

Question: How do I know if I have this problem? Check this related FAQ item.

The following conflicts have been identified between PLS_Toolbox function and Mathworks' toolboxes. Note that although the functions are named the same, the action of the functions are not usually the same.

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Conflicts

The following PLS_Toolbox files exist in the Statistics Toolbox:

  • boxplot.m
  • cluster.m
  • clusterdemo.m
  • crossval.m
  • dendrogram.m
  • gline.m
  • kstest.m
  • mdscale.m
  • pca.m
  • range.m
  • ridge.m
  • signtest.m

Also note that the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox contains an object named the dataset object which conflicts with Eigenvector's DataSet object. You can only use one of the two objects at any one time. If you wish to use the Mathworks' dataset object instead of the Eigenvector object, you must first move PLS_Toolbox to the bottom of the path (or remove it completely), then type the command:

>> clear classes 

(Note that this command will clear all variables from memory, but this is the only way to switch between the Eigenvector and Mathworks' DataSet objects.)

For newer versions of Matlab, if you are compiling code that uses the PLS_Toolbox you may need to uninstall the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox before compiling:


In older versions of Matlab, use our evrimovepath command to move PLS_Toolbox to the bottom of your path:

>> evrimovepath('bottom') 

When you intend to use PLS_Toolbox again, move it to the top of your path so the correct version of the DataSet Object is used:

>> evrimovepath('top') 

Also note that TMW is depreciating their DataSet Object in favor of their core table object.

Other Conflicts

The following PLS_Toolbox file exists in the Communications Toolbox:

  • encode.m

The following PLS_Toolbox file exists in the Control System Toolbox:

  • gram.m

The following PLS_Toolbox file exists in the Deep Learning Toolbox:

  • minmax.m

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