Faq some or all of the PLS Toolbox functions do not work

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Some or all of the PLS_Toolbox functions do not work.

Possible Solutions:

To help diagnose problems with the PLS_Toolbox, try running the function evridebug at the Matlab command-line:

>> evridebug
WARNING: Problem found with PLS_Toolbox installation
  PLS_Toolbox functions may not operate as expected
  unless these problems are solved (see suggestions).
* Problem:                                                             
    Some PLS_Toolbox files are "shadowed" by files with the same name.
 Possible Solutions:                                                  
    A) Remove/Rename the duplicate file(s)                            
    B) Move the identified folder below the PLS_Toolbox folders       
        using the Matlab command "pathtool"                           
    C) Remove the identified folder from the path using "pathtool"    
 Shadowed file(s):                                                    
    moveobj.m   (duplicate file in  C:\MATLAB6p5\work )               

The output should help you determine what installation problems exist for PLS_Toolbox.

If the evridebug function can not be found by Matlab, you will receive the following error:

??? Undefined function or variable 'evridebug'.

If this happens, try changing your working directory to the PLS_Toolbox directory (see Matlab help for information on how to do this) and then run evridebug. If all else fails, you may want to install PLS_Toolbox again. Instructions can be downloaded from our website.

A note about conflicting function names: Some Mathworks toolboxes conflict with PLS_Toolbox functions and the order of the folders in the Matlab path is very important. Tell me more ...

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com