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PLS_Toolbox contains a variety of tools to help you work with variables, models and data in the MATLAB environment.

editds - Editor for DataSet Objects.
copydsfields - Copies informational fields between datasets and/or models.
copycvfields - Copy cross-validation results into model from structure.
splitds - Splits a DSO based on unique values in field, mode (dim), and set.

comparevars - Compares two variables of any type and returns differences.
compressmodel - Remove references to unused variables from a model.
encode - Translates a variable into matlab-executable code.
explode - Extracts variables from a structure array to the workspace.
exportfigure - Automatically export figures to an external program.
findindx - Finds the index of the array element closest to value r.
getdatasource - Extract summary dataset info.
modelstatssummary - Generate a succinct list of descriptive model statistics.
reportwriter - Write a summary of the analysis including associated figures to html/word/powerpoint.

getplspref - Get overriding options (preferences) for PLS_Toolbox functions.
setplspref - Set overriding options (preferences) for PLS_Toolbox functions.
plsver - Displays version information.
besttime - Returns a string describing the time interval provided (in seconds).
reversebytes - Flips order of bytes in a word.

infobox - Display a string in an information box.
moveobj - Interactively reposition graphics objects.

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