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Reads Guided Wave SCAN and AUTOSCAN files into a DataSet object.


data = gwscanreadr(filename,options)


Input is one or more filenames of Guided Wave SCAN or AUTOSCAN files to read. If omitted, the user is prompted for a file. Imports ASCII and binary scan data (FileIDs DF1A, DF1B, WS1A and WS1B). May work on other file types but those are not guaranteed nor tested with this importer.

The imported files are returned in a Dataset Object.

Optional Inputs

  • filename = specifies the file(s) to read using:
(a) a string specifying a single file to read
(b) a cell array of strings specifying multiple files to read
(c) the output of the MATLAB "dir" command specifying multiple files to read
If fname is an empty string or matrix or is not supplied, the user is prompted to identify file(s) to load.
  • options = an optional options structure. See Options below.


  • data = a DataSet object containing the spectrum or spectra from the file(s), or an empty array if no data could be read.


Input 'options' is an options structure containing the following fields

  • waitbar: [ 'off' |{'on'}] Governs display of a progress bar when doing multiple file reading.

See Also

Data Importing Formats, jcampreadr, spcreadr, writespc, xclreadr