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Reads Hitachi EEM files with Rayleigh removal.


out = hitachieemreadr(filenames, options);


Reads HITACHI EEM text files. Data points must be tab delimited.

Example File

The example below has 2 lines of header information. A "Data points" line above the data. The first colomn of data becomes Emission (nm) axisscale. The frist row becomes Excitation (nm) axisscale. That data are tab delimited values beyond the axisscale row/column, in this case 3 x 5 matrix. Also note there is one sample per file so the DataSet size of this imported file will be 1 x 3 x 5.

Sample:    'No.801
File name:    No.801.FD3

Data points
    250.000    260.000    270.000    280.000    290.000
250.0    0.029    0.025    0.059    0.092    0.191
255.0    0.069    0.026    0.082    0.100    0.224
260.0    0.031    0.162    0.084    0.095    0.197


  • file = One of the following identifications of files to read:
  • A single string identifying the file to read
  • A cell array of strings giving multiple files to read
({'example_a' 'example_b' 'example_c'})
  • An empty array indicating that the user should be prompted to locate the file(s) to read


  • out = A DataSet object with date, time, info (data from cell (1,1)), variable names (vars), sample names (samps), and data matrix (data).
  • Note: When multiple files are loaded (multiple samples), if the samples do not match with respect to dimensions or axisscales, the samples will be stored in out as a cell array of DataSet objects.


options = a structure array with the following fields:

  • waitbar : [ 'off' |{'on'}] Governs use of waitbars to show progress.
  • scattercorrection : [ {'off'} | 'on'] calls flucut for Rayleigh correction.
  • flucut : FLUCUT options field for governing calls to FLUCUT.
    • LowZero : Option (LowZero) for FLUCUT.
    • TopZero : Option (TopZero) for FLUCUT.
  • LowMiss : Input (LowMiss) to FLUCUT.
  • TopMiss : Input (FopMiss) to FLUCUT.
  • textreadr : TEXTREADR options field for governing calls to TEXTREADR.
  • nonmatching : [{'error'}| 'cell' ] Governs handling non-matching data from multiple files.

See Also

Data Importing Formats, aqualogreadr, hjyreadr, jascoeemreadr, jcampreadr, spcreadr, writespc, xclreadr