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1. Import Menu

Data can be readily loaded with the use of the Workspace browser. The browser can be launched by typing "browse" at the MATLAB command line. If you are using Solo, the browser appears after Solo is launched.

In this example we'll import an example dataset included with PLS_Toolbox and Solo. The example dataset is in Excel format. Using the File menu, select Import Data..., and then select Excel File (XLS...).

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2. Import the Data

Use the resulting dialog boxes to select your file, in this case the example "Redbeerdata.xls". The file is located in the "dems" (demos) folder. Then choose the sheet in the spreadsheet with the data in it, in this case "Sheet 1".

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3. Open Data

The data will be imported into the workspace as a dataset object and appear in the Workspace Browser. To open the DataSet Editor, you can either right-click on the data and then select Edit in the context menu, or just double-click the dataset object in the Workspace panel. You can also start an Analysis of the data using the Analysis fly-out menu or dragging and dropping the data onto an analysis icon in the Analysis Tools pane (left).

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