MIA Toolbox Installation

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Installing MIA_Toolbox

MIA_Toolbox is delivered as a Windows Installer (.exe for Windows only) or as a compressed ZIP file (all platforms). Installation is a two-part process of copying and decompressing files into a local folder and then adding those files to your MATLAB path.

System Requirements

  • Compatible with any version of Matlab released within 5 years of the release of this product. For example the oldest version of Matlab guaranteed to be fully compatible with MIA_Toolbox version 3.0.3 (released in 2016) would be Matlab 2011.
  • Current PLS_Toolbox Release.
  • 50 MB of disk space.

Using the MIA_Toolbox Windows Installer

It is recommended that Windows users use the MIA_Toolbox Windows Installer.

  1. Copy the .exe file to your Desktop (or other suitable local location).
  2. Double click the icon and follow the instructions. Be sure to verify the location of the installation folder; by default it will be the "toolbox" folder of your current MATLAB installation.
  3. When the Installer has completed a message will display at the Matlab command line.

Manually Installing MIA_Toolbox from ZIP File (all other platforms)

  1. File Extraction
    Decompress the MIA_Toolbox ZIP file and move it to the MATLAB "toolbox" folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2006a\toolbox).
    Note: For those who already have a version of MIA_Toolbox installed, be sure the folders do not have the same name (by default they should not). Rename your existing copy of MIA_Toolbox if necessary.
  2. Run miainstall
    For MATLAB to find MIA_Toolbox, the directories that contain the toolbox files must be added to the MATLAB search path (except the @DATASET folder).
    Note: If you are familiar with installing toolboxes purchased from The MathWorks, this process is slightly different. TMW installers typically are able to set the path automatically.)
    Start MATLAB and follow these steps:
    • Start MATLAB and use the Current Directory toolbar to navigate to the MIA_Toolbox directory created in Step One.
    • Once MIA_Toolbox is the current directory type evriinstall at the command line (in the COMMAND WINDOW):
      >> miainstall
    • MIAINSTALL will add MIA_TOOLBOX to the MATLAB path, check for any installation problems, and output results to the command window.


  1. Place the MIA_Toolbox main folder in the same parent folder as PLS_Toolbox.
    >> evriinstall
    The evriinstall script will search for and install any Eigenvector products located in the PLS_Toolbox parent director.