Model Utilities

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browse - PLS_Toolbox Toolbar and Workspace browser.
choosecomp - Automatic selection of components for various model types.
choosencomp - GUI to select number of components from SSQ table.
compressmodel - Remove references to unused variables from a model.
copydsfields - Copies informational fields between datasets and/or models.
correctbias - Adjusts a regression model for bias and slope errors.
matchvars - Align variables of a dataset to allow prediction with a model.
modelcache - Stores and retrieves models in the model cache.
modeloptimizer - Create model for iterating over analysis models.
modeloptimizergui - GUI for modeloptimizer.
modelselector - Create or apply a model selector model.
modelstruct - Constructs an empty model structure.
parafacforopenfluor - Exports data/dso and parafac model as a openfluor .txt file
reviewcrossval - Examines cross-validation settings for typical problems.
reviewmodel - Examines a standard model structure for typical problems.
splithalf - Performs splithalf validation of parafac and parafac2 models.
updatemod - Update model structure to be compatible with the current version.

(Sub topic of Categorical_Index)