PLS Toolbox Unattended Configuration

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The following discusses licensing and configuration issues associated with using PLS_Toolbox in unattended applications:


Note that the PLS_Toolbox license requires that, unless special site licensing arrangements are made, you must obtain a separate PLS_Toolbox license for each instance of any PLS_Toolbox code you wish to deploy. Special licensing options are available. See the Eigenvector Website for more information.


For best performance, it is recommended that you follow these instructions to configure Matlab and PLS_Toolbox:

With Matlab already installed (as per The Mathworks installation instructions), PLS_Toolbox can be copied onto the target computer using any of the available file types as described in the standard installation instructions. The primary differences from the standard installation will be that you will create two special files and place these files into the PLS_Toolbox/utilities folder on the target computer:

  1. Create a text file named evrilicense.lic and put your license code (available from the Eigenvector Research download page) as a single line in that file. You can also obtain a evrilicense.lic file from the Eigenvector Helpdesk.
  2. Create an empty text file named evrinetwork.lic. This file will instruct PLS_Toolbox to ignore installation errors and run without warnings (usually necessary when calling PLS_Toolbox functions from an external application )