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Extracts information from a model needed to construct a dataset object for plotgui.


a = ploteigen(modl, options)


Extracts the variance captured, eigenvalue, and RMSE (root-mean-squared error) information from a model structure, for subsequent viewing using PLOTGUI.


  • modl = a standard model structure
  • options = an optional options structure, described below.


  • a = a DataSet object which can be passed to plotgui for viewing.


options = structure array with the following fields:

  • plots: [ 'none' | 'final' | {'auto'} ] governs plotting behavior
    • 'auto' makes plots if no output is requested {default}.
  • figure: [] governs where plots are made
    • when figure = [] plots are made in a new figure window {default}
    • this can also be a valid figure number (i.e. figure handle).

See Also

analysis, modelstruct, pca, pcr, plotgui, plotloads, plotscores, pls