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Manage default scores plot settings.


[toplot,subplots] = plotscores_defaults(modeltype,scores)
[plottypes,subplots] = plotscores_defaults(modeltype)


Manages default plots for scores plots based on model type and scores content. Inputs include modeltype the name of a valid model type (see the modeltype field of a Standard Model Structure), and an optional scores DataSet object.

Outputs are toplot a cell of cells where each sub-cell is a set of plotgui commands which will make the plot of choice. Note that if a cell is empty, the default plotgui plot will be created (first column vs. index). Second output (subplots) indicates if axes should be on the same figure in sub-plots (1) or on separate figures (0).

Additional commands: with a string input 'settings' as modeltype, a GUI is presented allowing the user to override the default plot choices.

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