Release Notes Model Exporter Version 3 0

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Version 3.0 of Model_Exporter was released in October, 2014. For general product information, see Model_Exporter_User_Guide.


  • Support for exporting Support Vector Machines for both regression (SVM/SVMR) and classification (SVMC/SVMDA)
  • Support for exporting Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) models
  • Improved control over options (when called from Matlab) via command-line options input
  • Remove use of "clear" statements in m-file output (improves compatibility with alternative m-file parsers like LabView and Mathworks Matlab Coder

Model Interpreter

  • Model_Interpreter now available in source for both C# and Java. Licensing still remains free for both versions.
  • Fixes to "rows()" method implemented in C# version of interpreter (incorrectly threw error when indexing more than one row.)