Release Notes Model Exporter Version 3 2

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Version 3.2 of Model_Exporter was released in June, 2015. For general product information, see Model_Exporter_User_Guide.


Model Exporter

  • Add support for non-negative least squares CLS models IF outputting to m-file format (requires function be enabled as sub-functions are added to accomplish the NNLS calculation)
  • Add support for approximate nearest neighbor distance via distancemetric option. This is an approximation of the NN distance, but is NOT exact.
  • Add support for application of most preprocessing methods to MATRICES
    • Allows use of PLS, PCR, PCA, CLS, and PLSDA on x-block of MATRICES (not just vectors) with basically all supported preprocessing methods
  • Add basic support for arithmetic on X-block (only - undo on y-block not supported)
  • Change "prob" to "probs" in SVMDA so it matches PLSDA outputs
  • Fix bug where placeholder variables were not removed from data if SavGol preprocessing was the one and only preprocessing method
  • Fix bug which would lead to indexing error in SavGol preprocessing if variables at the END of the spectrum are excluded

Model Interpreter

  • Allow input of matrix instead of just vectors (some methods support applying to matrix)
  • Force numeric conversion to be done expecting period as decimal separator (resolves problems interpreting models on systems set to other numeric formats like in France)
  • Move math steps into new MEMath object (simplifies code - exposes mathematical operations to caller)