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Version 3.4 of Model_Exporter was released in September, 2017. For general product information, see Model_Exporter_User_Guide.


Model Exporter

  • Add "exportedfilename" and "exportinguserinfo" to the exported model file "information" element in XML case, similarly in m-file case.
  • Allow input of matrix instead of just vectors for ANN, so exported ANN model can predict for multiple samples at a time
  • Fixed exported SavGol preprocessing step when using excluded variables and option.useexcluded='false'
  • Exporting Detrend preprocessing was not handling variable include correctly
  • Exporting "simple baseline" ("Baseline (Specified points)") preprocessing was not handling variable include correctly
  • Add arithmetic preprocessing to y-block
  • Updating examples for PCA, PLS, and PLSDA

Model Interpreter

  • Enable CSharp Interpreter to handle "Inf" value in exported model. Converts "Inf" to "Infinity".