Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 2 3

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 2.3

High-level Changes

  • Updated to be compatible with PLS_Toolbox/Solo 6.0
  • Add ability to make backups of log file (if desired) rather than just rolling over
  • Discontinue limitation on number of clients
  • Make maxclients option visible in defaults.xml file (so user can modify as needed)
  • Add ability to call allowed objects (DataSet, evriscript, evrigui)
  • Allow for nested modelselector models
  • Add usertimers and connection into usertimers in default.xml
  • Allow assignments to properties and indexing of objects: options.initmode = '[2]'
  • Allow variable indexing into cell arrays: mode = '[2]'; model.tsqs{mode}

Low-level Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Allow requesting and returning of empty values
  • Allow EOL to end a comment (in addition to a ; )
  • Don't look for y-variables if DSO labels are empty
  • Don't make figures visible before grabbing (allows hidden figures to stay that way)
  • Change "figureall" command to be "figure all" and add new "figure list" command in place of "figure" command
  • Make "figure" command return CURRENT non-hidden-handled figure (whatever it is)