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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 2.8.2

Version 2.8.2 of Solo_Predictor was released in December 2012.

High-level Changes

Main Program Configuration Changes

  • Add "plaindelimiter" configuration option to allow specification of delimiter to use in plain text output (makes parsing easer in some languages). Default is comma-separated.
  • Add log_backups field and add help for all backup settings
  • Add "header" option to include a specific header with each log file
  • Add json parsing and output support
  • Change order of "old" log files (oldest log is highest #ed log, most recent is 1)
  • Show which default.xml file is being used when status dialog first opens
  • Show statusbox message when the user attempts to close the controls using the standard window close control
  • Do not store debug messages in buffer if not in debug mode (avoids potential memory leak on very high-load applications)
  • Force message buffer dump if a large number of messages have been queued and not written
  • Improve status dialog performance (do not redraw menus on each display)
  • Better handle when 32-bit version is started without appropriate permissions for automatic configuration to operate.

Script Parsing

  • Allow creation of evriscript objects directly without @evriscript(____) wrapper. Just call with: @____ and if not recogonized as a standard object but it does match an evrscript method, it will be created as an evriscript object.
  • Fix .mat file saving: allow -append and multiple vars
  • Fix for reading scripts which have a line consisting of just '%' (or '#' or '//') and a line-feed (caused following line to be skipped)
  • Fix for indexing into array with numerical values between 65 and 90 or 97 and 122 (would return empty or possibly throw error)
  • Fix to ignore leading or trailing spaces in parsed variable names or strings
  • Improved support for LF as end-of-command character
  • Add new @predictor object (limited support)
  • Remove support for doing 'testing' mode with | (where y-block is passed within x). New approach is to use model object directly: pred = model.apply(x,y);