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Examines cross-validation settings for typical problems.


[issues,splitinfo] = reviewcrossval(model)


Given a standard PLS_Toolbox model structure, REVIEWCROSSVAL examines the numerical and build information and returns textual warnings to advise the user of possible issues.


  • model : a standard model structure (or the handle to an Analysis GUI).


  • issues : A structure array containing one or more issues identified in the model. The structure contains the following fields and may contain one or more records; or may be empty if no issues were identified.
    • issue : the text describing the issue.
    • color : a "color code" identifying the severity of the issue.
    • issueid : a unique ID identifying the issue.
  • splitinfo : String giving statistical information on the split.

If no outputs are requested, any issues are simply displayed in the Command Window.

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