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Reads a Galactic SPC file.


x = spcreadr(filename,subs,wlrange,options)
[data,xaxis,auditlog,description] = spcreadr(filename,subs,wlrange,options)


SPCREADR reads a Galactic SPC file.


  • filename = a text string with the name of a SPC file or a cell of strings of SPC filenames.
If (filename) is omitted or an empty cell {}, the user will be prompted to select a folder and then one or more SPC files in the identified folder.
If filename is a blank string, the user will be prompted to select a file. Importer will also load DHB files.

Optional Inputs

  • subs = [], scalar or vector indicating the sub-files to read, e.g. [3] reads sub-file 3, [3:9] reads sub-files 3 to 9, {default reads all sub-files} and
  • wlrange = [], two element vector (inclusive endpoints) of the wavelength range to return {default returns the entire wavelength range}.


  • x = a dataset object containing the spectrum,
  • data = a data array with measured intensities,
  • xaxis = vector containing the wavelength axis,
  • auditlog = char array with the log from the file,
  • description = char array, description of the file from its comment field.


options = a structure array with the following fields:

  • waitbar: [ 'off' | 'on' |{'auto'}] governs the display of a waitbar when loading multiple files. If 'auto', waitbar is displayed for larger sets of files only.
  • nonmatching: [ 'none' | {'matchvars'} |'intersect' | 'interpolate' ], defines action taken when the x-axes of two spectra being read do not match. The options are:
    • 'matchvars' uses MATCHVARS to merge imported spectra when the spectral x-axes differ.
    • 'intersect' returns only the points where the spectral x-axis values overlap excatly.
    • 'interpolate' returns the overlapping portions with linear interpolation to match spectral points exactly. As no extrapolation will be done, the returned spectra will cover the smallest common spectral range.
    • 'none' ignores x-axis differences as long as the number of data points is the same in all spectra.
  • textauditlog: [ {'no'} | 'yes' ], governs output of audit log contents. When 'yes', the auditlog is returned as a raw text array. Otherwise, the auditlog is returned as a structure with field names taken from auditlog keys.
  • multiselect : [ 'off' | {'on'} ] governs whether file selection dialog should allow multiple files to be selected and imported. Setting to 'off' will restrict user to importing only one file at a time.

See Also

Data Importing Formats, jcampreadr, writespc, xclreadr