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Software Support

If you are having problems working with any Eigenvector Research product, please use the following as guidelines to help find a solution.

  1. Check our Installation Page - If you are having trouble installing the software, please see our Installation Page. It includes many common problem solutions.
  2. Check our Frequently Asked Questions - Check our On-Line FAQ Pages for a possible solution. Many common problems can be solved using these pages.
  3. Check our Solo Troubleshooting Page - If you are using our stand-alone software (Solo and the related products), please see the Solo Troubleshooting page.
  4. Automatic Problem Solving - If using PLS_Toolbox or other MATLAB-based products, try the command evridebug this will diagnose many common problems. (This option is not available with stand-alone products like Solo or Solo_Predictor).
  5. Contact Eigenvector's Help Desk - Contact the helpdesk through e-mail at: and include the following information:
  • For MATLAB-based products (PLS_Toolbox, MIA_Toolbox, etc)
  • Your username or serial number
  • The output of the functions:
  • Details on the problem you are having and how to reproduce it (if possible)
  • For Stand-alone products (Solo, Solo_Predictor, etc.)
  • Your username or serial number
  • For Solo users, all content from the menu: Help>About Solo... (If you are having trouble starting Solo, obviously this can not be accessed)
  • Details on the problem you are having and how to reproduce it (if possible)

Phone Support - PLEASE NOTE: Eigenvector Research does not offer phone support for our software products except for consulting clients and clients of our extended support program. For information regarding extended support, please contact Eigenvector Research at:

Orders/Quotes/Invoice Support

To receive help regarding an order you have placed or want to place, or other information regarding sales, contact our sales team at