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Dialog to save variable to workspace or MAT file.


[name,location] = svdlgpls(varin,message)
[name,location] = svdlgpls(varin,message,defaultname)


SVDLPLS creates a dialog box to save a variable to the base workspace or a MATLAB file from a function (e.g. a GUI). Input varin is the variable to be saved. The dialog box allows the user to name varin to a new variable and select between saving into the base workspace or a file. Variables can be appended onto existing files by selecting the file from the file list or written into new files by providing a new file name. The location for the file can be selected from the folders listed in the file list and from the Look in menu at the top of the dialog box. Files are always MATLAB "mat" files.

Optional inputs message and defaultname set the message to display in the dialog box and the default name for saving, respectively.

Optional outputs give information about the variable name name and file location location used to save the variable. Location will be empty if saved to the base workspace.

See Also

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