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Symbion Systems' Symbion software supports two different interfaces which are compatible with Eigenvector models. The first is native interpretation of the TCL scripts that are output by Model_Exporter. The second is an interface directly into Matlab which allows use of PLS_Toolbox.

Model_Exporter Interface

Symbion is already configured to work with TCL models which are output by Model_Exporter. In these cases, you do not need Matlab to implement an exported model. To learn more about using Model_Exporter with Symbion, see the Model_Exporter User Guide.

PLS_Toolbox Interface

To make predictions with an Eigenvector model from within Matlab, Symbion can be configured to call into Matlab and execute a specific script. This script can call PLS_Toolbox commands, as long as PLS_Toolbox is installed along with Matlab. See PLS_Toolbox Unattended Configuration for details on configuring PLS_Toolbox for use in unattended situations. For assistance with scripting for these situations, contact our Helpdesk.