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What do I do first?

The answer to this question depends on your experience with Matlab and multivariate analysis. To learn more about multivariate analysis, start with the Chemometrics Tutorial (type "pls_toolboxhelp" at the command line).

To learn more about how to use the PLS_Toolbox software, see the Software User Guide pages.

PLS_Toolbox is comprised of tools for all levels of users. There are several graphical user interfaces (GUIs) available to users who are less familiar with the Matlab command-line interface. Try starting the Workspace Browser (type "browse" at the command line). From this window, you can start the most common Graphical interfaces as well as start working with data using the DataSet editor. This is also the starting point for the stand-alone Solo software.

See also:

browse - PLS_Toolbox Workspace browser and data analysis entry point.
analysis - Graphical user interface for data analysis.
editds - Editor for DataSet Objects.

Users familiar with Matlab or whos needs expand beyond PLS_Toolbox GUIs can work with the very powerful command-line functions in PLS_Toolbox. The Function Reference Manual lists many of the common multivariate analysis tasks and lists the functions best used for those tasks. See the sections on "Help Tips" to learn more about each of these functions and utilities.

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