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Extract a data table from an Excel spreadsheet.


xmat = xclgetdata(filename,datarange,formt)


XCLGETDATA extracts a data table from an Excel spreadsheet using dynamic data exchange (DDE). This function only works on a Microsoft Windows system. In addition, the spreadsheet must be open in Office 97 or higher, and character arrays can't be extracted.

It has been observed that XCLGETDATA won't work unless a copy of the open spreadsheet is saved to the hard drive and the name in filename is exact. Also, if the function doesn't work check the Excel menu tools/options/general and ensure that the ignore other applications check box is unchecked.

NOTE: for better support of reading XLS files, please see the function xclreadr.


To get a table data from the range C2 to T25 from the open workbook 'book1.xls':

data =  xclgetdata('book1.xls','r2c3:r25c20');

To get a table data from 'Sheet2' the range D4 to F16 from the open workbook 'book1.xls':

data =  xclgetdata('c:\book1.xls\sheet2','r4c4:r16c6');

See Also

areadr, mtfreadr, spcreadr, xclputdata, xclreadr