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Calculates the correlation coefficients between the variables in the X-block and the variables the in Y-block.


xycorrcoef(xblock, yblock) %produces a plot of correlation coefficients
out = xycorrcoef(xblock, yblock); %produces a plot and returns a DataSet Object of correlation coefficients


XYCORRCOEF produces a plot of (and if specified a DataSet Object) of correlation coefficients between the variables in X-block and the variables in Y-block.

The inputs are the x-block data and y-block data of class "double" or "dataset".

For inputs of class "dataset", any excluded columns will still be used in the calculation but will be excluded in out. If the inputs are type "double" and the number of rows in X-block and Y-block do not match an error will be triggered. Any rows with NaN's will be removed.

The output is a DataSet Object. If no output is requested then only a PlotGUI figure of the correlation coefficients will appear.

See Also

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