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Defines the colors to be used for classes in plots.


clrs = classcolors
clrs = classcolors(v)
clrs = classcolors(matchclr)
clrs = classcolors(v,matchclr)

Optional Inputs

  • v = class color set to use. A value of zero looks for user-defined colors (see below), then falls back on highest-numbered class color set (default = 0).
  • If -1 is used, then a GUI is presented to choose order.
  • matchclr = a three-element color code which should be matched in the class colors. Output will be the one color from the class colors that best matches this color.

User-defined colors set:

The user can override the color sets by using setplspref to define their own color set:


This can be cleared using:



Output is a three-column matrix defining the unique colors to use for plotting classes.

See Also

Set_Symbol_Styles_Window, Faq_color_order_images