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Congruence loadings for PARAFAC, TUCKER and NPLS.


bcon = conload(x,model,mode,options)


Determines congruence (earlier known as correlation) loadings for a specific mode of a model. Congruence loadings look at "non-average correlations", hence take differences in offset into account.

Note that due to non-orthogonal loadings in PARAFAC, individual correlations can add to more than 1. Therefore, such loadings are not drawn with ellipses but squares added. Use options.force = 'ellipse' or 'square' to force one or the other on the plot.


x = modeled data

model = standard model structure

mode = loading mode to investigate (i.e., mode = 1 for samples if they are in the first mode / rows)


bcon = congruence loadings


options is an options structure with the following fields:

  • plots : [ 'none' | {'final'} ] Governs the creation of plot of the results.
  • force : [ {'off'} | 'ellipse' | 'square' ] Forces a given type of limit on the plots (if plot is given).

See Also

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