Design of Experiments

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These tools can be used to help create experimental designs.

anovadoe - Function to perform ANOVA for 2^k factorial model X, Y data.
boxbehnken - Create a Box-Behnken Design of Experiments.
ccdface - Create a Face-Centered Central Composite Design of Experiments.
ccdsphere - Create a Spherical Central Composite Design of Experiments.
distslct - Selects samples on outside of data space.
doeeffectsplot - Create main effect or interaction plot, incl LSD bars.
doegen - Generate a Design of Experiments (DOE) DataSet object.
doegui - Design of Experiments tool.
doeinteractions - Calculates interaction terms of a raw DOE matrix.
doerunsheet - Create a doe run sheet.
doescale - Convert coded DOE to scaled DOE or scaled back to coded.
doptimal - Selects samples based on D-Optimal criteria.
exteriorpts - Selects samples on outside of data space after normalizing data.
factdes - Full factorial design of experiments.
ffacconfusion - Generates confusion table for a fractional factorial DOE.
ffacdes1 - Fractional factorial design of experiments.
halfnormplot - Produce Half-Normal or Normal plot from DOE dataset object.
kennardstone - Select a subset of samples from a data set by the Kennard-Stone algorithm.
reducennsamples - Selects a subset of samples by removing nearest neighbors.
stdsslct - Selects data subsets (often for use in standardization).

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