Faq easy way to switch from one version of PLS Toolbox to another

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Can you describe an easy way to switch from one version of PLS_Toolbox to another?

Possible Solutions:

The easiest way to switch between versions (or separate installations) of PLS_Toolbox is to use the evriinstall script:

  1. Make the main folder of the version you want to install the Current Directory in Matlab.
  2. Close all GUIs and clear all objects using the following commands at the Matlab command line (WARNING: This will clear all variables in the Matlab Workspace):
>> close all force
>> clear classes
  1. Run evriinstall from the command line with the 'silent' switch to avoid the installation splash screen:
>> evriinstall silent
  1. Enter your license code if prompted. I some cases your existing license code will work so you may not be prompted to enter a new one.

To switch back simply follow these steps for the folder/version you want to use. The evriinstall function takes care of removing old versions from the Matlab path.

You may find that DataSet objects you create in a newer version may not be backwards compatible to older versions of PLS_Toolbox. In this case, you will see a warning "Loaded dataset object newer than present constructor.". To correct this, see our FAQ item on this issue.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com