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Why do I get an error "Missing operator, comma, semicolon, or white space." after installing the toolbox?

Possible Solutions:

If you get the following message:

??? Error: File: C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\compiler\load_mat\@char\load.m Line: 32 
Column: 30 
Missing operator, comma, semicolon, or white space. 

This is because, during the installation, you added an incorrect folder to the Matlab path. Specifically, the folder:


This folder (supplied with the Mathworks compiler) contains code which has errors in it and is actually unnecessary to the complier. You need to remove this folder from your path using the editpath command. Locate that folder in the list and click "remove".

While you are editing the path, also check for any folders which end in "/ja". If you have ANY of these, you will need to remove them too. If you locate any of these folders, please see the FAQ on ja folders - Here

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