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Why do I have to reenter my license code every time I start?

Possible Solutions:

Preferred Solution

This behavior is often caused by a preferences file getting into a state where it can't be written to. Deleting the file will cause it to be recreated and fix the problem. To locate the file:


  1. Open Solo and go to the "Help → About Solo" menu and note the "Preferences Path".
  2. Navigate to that folder in Windows Explorer and locate the "matlabprefs.mat" file there.
  3. DELETE that preferences file, then restart Solo.


  1. At the Matlab command line run the following command and locate your preferences folder:
  2. Depending on your system, locate either "matlabprefs.mat" or "preferences.mat" in the preferences folder and delete it.
  3. Restart Matlab.

Alternative Solution 1

In cases where the preferences file fix above does not solve the problem a license file can be created so the license code gets automatically used by the software.

Create a license file:

  • Obtain your license code from email or from your account on the Eigenvector website.
  • Open a text editor (Notepad) and paste just that code into the editor as a single line.
  • Save the file as evrilicense.lic (note, there should not be a .txt extension).

For Solo based products on Windows systems:

  • Place this file into one of the following locations:
  • For versions 9.0 and later place the file in a location similar to:
C:\Program Files\EVRI\Solo_90\application folder
  • For versions prior to 9.0 use the folder location:
C:\Program Files\EVRI\Solo\application\runtime\win64

For PLS_Toolbox based products:

  • Place this file in the utilities folder of your PLS_Toolbox installation.

The next time Solo/PLS_Toolbox is used it will automatically recognize the license file and you should not be prompted for a code.

Alternative Solution 2

In some cases the above solutions may not work completely. The matlabprefs.mat file also contains preferences set in Solo that will be lost if the file is deleted. The default location for Solo applications to "unpack" program files is similar to:


Because this is a "temporary" folder, it can get purged to free up space (sometimes by restarting). You can specify a different folder to use for the MCR cache with an environment variable. On a Window machine this is done by:

  • Open the Start Search, type in "env", and choose "Edit the system environment variables"
  • Click the "Environment Variables…" button.
  • Add a new environment variable for the user named "MCR_CACHE_ROOT" with a location that won't be purged like the documents folder, for example "C:\Users\[username\Documents\Solo_MCR_Cache"
  • Save new environment variable and restart Solo.
  • Verify that a folder with a name similar to "mcrCache9.9" was created in the new folder.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com