Faq how do I enable the PLS PCR and or SIMCA analysis methods in the Analysis GUI

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How do I enable the PLS, PCR and/or SIMCA analysis methods in the Analysis GUI?

Possible Solutions:

PLS or PCR analyses require both an x-block and a y-block of data. If no y-block data is loaded in the Analysis GUI, you cannot select PLS or PCR from the Analysis menu. To make thse options available, load or import a y-block using the File menu on the main Analysis window.

SIMCA and PLS_DA are classification methods and, as such, require that your x-block samples (mode 1 labels) have "classes" assigned to them. For more information on loading and/or assigning classes to samples, see this wiki page or the FAQ item relating to loading classes in the DataSet Editor.

Note: PLS_DA can use a y-block as the classes in lieu of having classes in the x-block data. In this case, the y-block should contain an integer value for each sample indicating in which class it resides. Advanced users: note that this y-block is "translated" into a multi-column logical y-block and is not used "as-is".

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