Faq how is PLS Toolbox installed with a network copy or site license of Matlab

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How is PLS_Toolbox installed with a network copy (site-license) of Matlab?

Possible Solutions:

When using a site-license copy of Matlab, you should install PLS_Toolbox directly onto your local computer into any folder desired. Follow the installation instructions provided with PLS_Toolbox but change the folder into which PLS_Toolbox is extracted. In addition, you must also make certain that you add the main and sub-folders of PLS_Toolbox to the Matlab path.

To test that you installed PLS_Toolbox correctly, run the evridebug function after you've installed it. You will be advised if there are any problems with the installation

Important note: unless you receive a special site license for PLS_Toolbox or written permission from Eigenvector Research, it is a violation of your license agreement to install PLS_Toolbox or Solo on a server where more than one user may use it at a time.

We offer a license manager which will handle the use of site licenses for PLS_Toolbox or Solo. Please see our License Server product information page for more information on our license manager and site licenses.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com