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How to configure Java files in older versions of MATLAB?

Possible Solutions:

In some older versions of MATLAB, including version 7.0.4 (R14SP2), it is necessary to manually add the jar files included with PLS_Toolbox to the MATLAB java class path.

  1. Open MATLAB.
  2. Navigate to the "..\PLS_Toolbox_65\extensions\javatools" folder (where "PLS_Toolbox_65" is the folder containing the version of PLS_Toolbox you are installing. The "65" will change for each version)
  3. Edit the Java class path file:
    >> edit classpath.txt
  4. At the bottom of the classpath.txt file add lines for each .jar file in the extensions folder using the correct path. In the following example, PLS_Toolbox version 6.5 (named "PLS_Toolbox_65") is installed in the "c:\Toolbox\" folder so the corresponding entries look like:
  1. Save the file and restart MATLAB.
  2. If MIA_Toolbox is installed, any .jar files in the "..\MIA_Toolbox\utilities" folder should be added using the same procedure as above.

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