Faq need to run evriinstall when installing PLS Toolbox

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Why do I need to run EVRIINSTALL when installing PLS_Toolbox?

Possible Solutions:

Unlike many simple Matlab Toolboxes, PLS_Toolbox is contained in multiple folders and makes use of some of the more advanced Matlab features. The PLS_Toolbox installation procedure makes use of a Matlab script evriinstall to make sure all the correct folders are added to the path (and none of the incorrect ones!), to test for conflicts with other installed software, and to initialize information required for the advanced Matlab features. Although PLS_Toolbox might function if you added the folders to the path yourself, the evriinstall feature makes certain that everything is working correctly when you start.

One additional feature of evriinstall is that it will optionally check for new PLS_Toolbox releases. If any are found, you will be informed so that you can download the newest versions.

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