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Why does Python configuration freeze at the 'Installing pip dependencies...' step?

Possible Solutions:

Conda Troubleshooting

This seems to be a Miniconda issue when building the PLS_Toolbox virtual environment for the first time. It might also be worth noting we have only seen this on Windows machines so far (if you are running something different and encounter this, please let us know). Here is a workaround for those who have this issue in MATLAB:

  1. Get path to config_pyenv.m.
    1. From the MATLAB Command Window, type in the command fileparts(which('config_pyenv.m')) and enter.
    2. Copy output of this command.
  2. Open Anaconda Powershell Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (macOS or Linux).
  3. Type cd 'PASTE_OUTPUT_FROM_STEP_1_HERE' and enter.
  4. Type cd ymls and enter.
  5. Type conda env create -f pls_toolbox_<platform>_38.yml and enter. This may take several minutes depending on your machine.
    1. <platform> is one of either mac, windows, or linux, depending on what OS you are running.
    2. If you receive CondaValueError: prefix already exists while doing this step, the environment must be deleted in order to continue properly. One can do this by typing the command conda remove -n pls_toolbox_<platform>_38. Then repeat Step 5.
  6. Next, type conda activate pls_toolbox_<platform>_38 and enter.
  7. Type python and enter.
  8. Type import sys and enter.
  9. Type sys.executable and enter. Copy this output.
  10. Go back to the MATLAB command window. Type in pyenv('Version','PASTE_OUTPUT_FROM_STEP_9_HERE','ExecutionMode','InProcess') and enter.
  11. We then urge to rerun config_pyenv to see if this fixed the issue.

Archived Solution

Starting in 9.1, try the archived Python Configuration alternative. See Python configuration for more details.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com