Faq why R2014b give error cannot convert double value to a handle

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Why does R2014b give me "Error using matlab.ui.Figure... Cannot convert double value to a handle" (or similar)?

Possible Solutions:

The R2014b release of Matlab included a very significant change to the graphical engines of Matlab. As a result, PLS_Toolbox versions 7.8 and older are NOT compatible with this version of Matlab. To use R2014b, you must have at least PLS_Toolbox 7.9.

For a table listing full compatibility of Matlab and PLS_Toolbox, see the PLS_Toolbox release notes Wiki page.

For more information on the Matlab R2014b / PLS_Toolbox 7.9 release, see The View From Eigenvector: MATLAB R2014b and PLS_Toolbox 7.9

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