MIA Toolbox Loading Data Quick Start

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Image data can be readily imported into the Image Manger by clicking Import Image from the Tree or File Menu. We'll select Image (Other...) so all image types enabled in the dialog box.

In this example we'll import a .JPEG image, "EchoRidgeClouds.jpeg", included with MIA_Toolbox.

For information about concatenating images after import see here.

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Use the resulting dialog box to select the "EchoRidgeClouds.jpeg" file from the dems folder.

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The Load Image Data dialog box will appear. This interface allows you to choose how to unfold the image data. The defaults are set for typical image data (pixels by pixels by variable, RGB slabs in the case) so just click OK.

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The image will appear in Tree at the Loaded Images leaf. Clicking on it will display the image in the main editing pain.

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