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Version 6.0 of PLS_Toolbox and Solo was released in October, 2010.

For general product information, see PLS_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo, see Solo Product Page.

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Model Building

Ease-of-Use Features

  • Customizable class symbols in plots (watch how-to movie) [ Set Symbol Styles Window ]
  • Allow plotting of loadings in original units (with preprocessing undone) Undoprepro.png
  • Regression error bars can be turned on and off Showerrorbars.png
  • Automatic augmentation of calibration set from validation data
  • Clustering - class and label information available in "mouse-over" of dendrogram
  • New interface and object for database queries

Functionality Improvements

  • Improved SVM performance
  • Improved model cache performance
  • Improved automated initial guesses for MCR
  • Better compatibility between boxplot and Mathworks-related functions
  • Streamlined interface menus
  • User-adjustable pane sizes in primary interfaces
  • Improved model and prediction information in Analysis window
  • SPC reader performance improved
  • XML writer - significant speed improvements


PLS_Toolbox-Specific Enhancements

  • Improved PLS_Toolbox installer
  • Varimax rotations on standard model structures (PLS_Toolbox only)
  • Crossval now accepts model as input (automatic population of results)
  • Cluster -allow access to raw sample-to-sample distance matrix (distances)
  • Exteriorpts -improved performance


cov_cv - Estimation of a regularized inverse covariance matrix.
evridir - Locate and or create EVRI home directory.
polytransform - Add polynomial and cross terms to data matrix.
reducennsamples - Select a subset of samples by removing nearest neighbors.
reportwriter - Write a summary of the analysis including associated figures to html/word/powerpoint.
symbolstyle - Interface to modify class symbols.