Release Notes Version 7 3 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 7.3.1

Bug Fixes

File Comment
modeloptimizergui Add plotting button.
plotloadslimits Fix for error when plotting of Selectivity Ratio with model cleared.
experimentreadr Fix default for cal/val when NO cal/val specified in experiment file.
encodexml Remove all control characters other than tab/linefeed/return in strings.
getcacheindex Avoid "load xml file" dialog for rare case when cache item is missing information (e.g. when preprocessing description has gotten too long).
adjustaxislimitsgui Add drawnow, user reported error with missing handles.
opusreadr Fix for typo which obscured a real error messages.
browse_shortcuts Fix for bug when eigenguide.xml file can't be found.
plsdaroc/roccurve Switch orientation of our ROC curves to match general convention of "Specificity"/"Sensitivity" on x and y-axes respt., instead of the reverse.
parsexml Convert from use of "exist()" function to use of (to avoid memory leak).
plotscores_addclassification Add extra check for non-emptyness to avoid error when using "pred = plsda(xt,model);"
trendwaterfall Use findindx when prepping for waterfall.