Solo Predictor Troubleshooting

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Downloading Problems

  • If you have trouble downloading Solo, make sure you're using a current version of a web browser with packet checking. We suggest the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome:
  • If your company firewall is set to refuse download of EXE (or similar) files, use the checkbox marked:
     Use obfuscated file extension (avoids some firewall issues)
on the Download page where you are choosing the file format to download. The file you download will have some portion of the file extension changed to an underscore (e.g. _xe instead of exe, or _ip instead of zip.) This will allow the file to pass through most firewalls unfiltered. Once the download is complete, you can change the file extension to the expected one (listed on the download page) and run the installer.

Installation / Starting Problems

See Solo Troubleshooting for installation issues.

Not Responding

Try starting Solo using the "Solo_Predictor_console" shortcut which is located in the main C:/Program Files/EVRI/Solo_Predictor folder. If this gives no different result, try rebooting the computer (to assure all libraries have been registered.)

Unable to Initialize

Solo fails with "mclstart: Unable to initialize PLS_toolbox library check for missing plstoolbox.ctf file" or requires re-installation each startup. See our FAQ on the subject.

Connection Problems

Use the following steps to make a simple connection to Solo Predictor and get a response.

  • Start Solo Predictor
  • Open a web browser.
  • In the address bar of the browser enter the following URL

Solo Predictor should return version information that is displayed in the window.

SoloP Info

  • If information is not displayed, check to confirm Solo Predictor is running.