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The following is the Table of Contents for the Solo Users Guide. It does not include the entirety of contents of the Eigenvector Wiki.

Chapter 1: Solo Quick Start

Quick Start steps for an analysis in Solo

Chapter 2: Launching Solo

Chapter 2: Solo Windows

Chapter 3: Common Application Features

Options dialog box

Chapter 4: Workspace Browser

Title bar
Main menu
Base Workspace

Chapter 5: Workspace Browser Preferences

To specify the Workspace Browser Shortcut icons
To edit the Workspace Browser options
To specify the Window docking settings

Chapter 6: Importing Data into the Workspace Browser

To import a .mat file into the Workspace Browser
To import a data file (other than a .mat file) into the Workspace Browser
To save imported data to a .mat file

Chapter 7: Icons in the Workspace Browser

Item icons
Saving, loading, and deleting items in the workspace
To save items to a .mat file
To load saved items into the base workspace
To delete items from the base workspace
Manipulating items
Viewing information about the item
Opening the item for viewing or editing
Dragging and dropping items

Chapter 8: DataSet Editor Window

DataSet Editor window layout
Info tab
Data tab
Row Labels tab/Column Labels tab
Edit menu

Chapter 9: Plot Controls Window

Plot window
Data plotting options
Data selection and editing options
Other options

Chapter 10: Analysis Window

Analysis window main menu
Analysis window toolbar
Analysis window Status pane
Analysis window Control pane
Analysis window Help pane
Analysis window Flowchart pane
Analysis window Model Cache pane
Model Cache pane view
Cache management
Manipulating cached items

Chapter 11: Preprocessing Methods

Preprocessing window

Chapter 12: Analysis Phases

Calibration phase
Test and Validation phase
Model Application phase

Chapter 13: Building the Model in the Calibration Phase

Loading the calibration data and building the initial model
Changing the number of components
Examining and refining the model

Chapter 15: Plotting Eigenvalues for a Calibration Model

Eigenvalues plot options

Chapter 15: Plotting Scores and Statistical Values for a Calibration Model

Changing the plot display
Refining the model by excluding samples

Chapter 16: Plotting Loads and Variable Statistics for a Calibration Model

Changing the plot display
Refining the model by removing variables

Chapter 17: Applying the Model in the Test and Validation Phase

Loading the validation data and applying the model to the data
Examining and refining the model

Chapter 18: Cross-Validation Tool

Chapter 19: Model Robustness Tool


Chapter 20: Correlation Map Tool