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Export a DataSet object to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.




Exports a comma-separated values text file based on the contents of a DataSet object. The csv file will include any axisscale, class, label and include information contained in the file as well as author, description, name and date details.

Inputs are the dataset to export (x) and an optional filename (filename). If filename is omitted, the user is prompted for an output filename.

Note that although the CSV file output is not directly readable by XCLREADR, an XLS file created by Excel from the CSV file will be readable by XLSREADR (i.e. read the CSV file into Excel, then save as XLS. The output XLS file will be readable by XLSREADR).


load arch
filename = 'testwrite2.csv';

See Also

autoexport, xlsreadr