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Tool Sets

This release of PLS_Toolbox includes several new "tool sets" which we have sub-divided into their own folders within PLS_Toolbox. Distribution Fitting Tools - This set of tools provides a large set of distribution fitting tools including 15 different distributions. Peak Fitting Tools - Command-line tools for rapid locating and fitting of standard peak shapes. Optimization Tools - A fast Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear-optimization tool. Robust Tools - These robust analysis tools are a subset of the well-known LIBRA Toolbox, developed by Mia Hubert's research group at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ( These tools are used to extend PCA, PCR, and PLS functionality to include robust analysis options. See the algorithm options on these functions for more information.

Graphical Interfaces and Tools

analysis - Two new methods (MLR and MPCA). Several enhancements to look and feel to help both novice and advanced users. More right-click menus, color coding status boxes, several tools for enhanced control of method settings and data viewing, and better functionality for getting information in and out of the Analysis model building environment.
browse - The PLS_Toolbox Workspace browser has become a full-featured interface to allow useres to import, modify and begin analysis of data.
editds - Much improved field editing behavior and support for CSV export of DataSet Objects.
figbrowser - This new interface is initially available on Analysis and PLS_Workspace browser windows but, when selected, is automatically available on all figures.
genalg - The genetic algorithm variable selection tool interface. Improved preprocessing support including viewing of preprocessed data, and "pre-application" of preprocessing (allows faster analysis).
plotgui - Improved figure management and publishing, additional viewing and labeling functionality (including time/date stamps), and the addition of numerous keyboard shortcuts.
trendtool - A new graphical analysis tool which permits the user to use right-click to mark a variable of interest and view how that variable changes in the "other" dimension of a DataSet (e.g. in time, i.e. sample, space).

New importers, exporters and data viewing tools

encodexml - Convert standard data types into XML-encoded text.
idateticks - Convert axis labels into intelligent date ticks.
mtfreadr - Reader for AdventaCT Multi-Trace Format files.
parsemixed - Parse numerical and text data into a DataSet Object.
querydb - Executes a query on a database defined by connection string.
trendtool - Univariate trend analysis tool.
writecsv - Export a DataSet object to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

New analysis functions and associated tools

ipls - Interval PLS variable selection.
matchvars - Align variables of a dataset to allow prediction with a model.
mlr - Multiple Linear Regression for multivariate Y.
mlrengine - Multiple Linear Regression computational engine.
modelselector - Create or apply a model selector model.

New calculation tools

lsq2topb - Fits a polynomial to the top/(bottom) of data.
med2top - Fits a constant to top/(bottom) of data.
varcapy - Calculate percent y-block variance captured by a PLS regression model.
vip - Calculate Variable Importance in Projection from regression model.

Figure and Workspace Management Aids

clean - Clears and closes everything in the workspace.
exportfigure - Automatically export figures to an external program.
figbrowser - Browser with icons of all Matlab figures.
keep - Clear all except named variables in workspace.

User Customization

browse_shortcuts - Defines shortcuts available on the EVRI Workspace Browser.
editds_importmethods - List of user-defined import methods for DataSet Editor.
editds_userimport - Example user-defined importer for editds.
optionsgui - Creates options gui for specified function.

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