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Reads HORIBA Jobin Yvon files (needs LabSpec ActiveX control installed).


out = hjyreadr
out = hjyreadr('filename',options)
out = hjyreadr({'filename' 'filename2'},options)


When the function is first run it will prompt the user to install the ActiveX component (Windows Only).


  • filename = a text string with the name of a Horiba file or a cell of strings of Horiba filenames. If (filename) is omitted or empty user will be prompted for files.

NOTE: File types can come from LabSpec version 4 and 5. Version 4 uses .tsf (spectrum) and .tvf (map/image). Version 5 uses .HJY (spectrum) and .ngc (map/image).


  • out = takes one of two forms:
  1. If input is a single file, or multiple files containing data that can be combined (same number of data points, same x-axis range, same type of data), the output is a dataset object,
  2. If the input consists of multiple files containing data that cannot simply be combined (different number of data points, differing x-axis ranges, etc), the output is either:
a) a cell array with a dataset object for each input file if the 'nonmatching' option has value 'cell', or
b) a dataset object containing the input data combined using the MATCHVARS function if the 'nonmatching' option has value 'matchvars'.


options = a structure array with the following fields:

  • showparams = [ 'on' |{'off'}] Display a list of parameters for the given file. This feature is only enabled when single file is input.
  • installedversion : [0] Version ocx controls was installed under. Will be updated if versions differ.
  • systemcheck : [1] Governs checking for compatible operating system. If 0 (zero), the operating system will not be checked for compatibility. Usually, this will lead to errors about missing activeX objects and similar.
  • ocxcheck : [1] Flag governing checking for the a correct version of the Horiba ActiveX object (OCX) is installed. If 0 (zero), the OCX version will not be checked. This may be necessary for platforms where the OCX is correctly installed but is not the expected version.
  • forceinstall : [0] Flag governing whether the OCX should be installed automatically without asking the user. Normally, if the OCX isn't located, the user is prompted for whether or not to install the OCX.
  • nonmatching : [ 'error' |{'matchvars'} 'cell'] Governs behavior when multiple files are being read which cannot be combined due to mismatched types, sizes, etc.
    • matchvars returns a dataset object with the files' data joined using the matchvars algorithm,
    • cell returns a cell array of the files' datasets,
    • error gives an error.

See Also

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