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Dialog to load variable from workspace or MAT file.


[value,name,source] = lddlgpls(klass,message)
[value,name,source,dir] = lddlgpls(klass,message)


LDDLPLS creates a dialog box that allows a function to load variables from the workspace or a MATLAB "mat" file into the function workspace. The location of the file to load from can be selected from the folders tree in the file list and from the "Look in" menu at the top of the dialog box. Optional input klass allows the user to select the workspace variable of class to load. Valid values for klass are:

  • 'double': loads 2-way DOUBLE variable {default},
  • 'cell': loads CELL variable,
  • 'char': loads 2-way CHAR variable,
  • 'struct': loads a STRUCT variable,
  • 'dataset': loads a DATASET object,
  • 'doubdataset': loads a 2-way DOUBLE or DATASET, or
  • '*': loads any class and size variable.

Optional text input message places a message in the load dialog box.

Outputs value, name, and location return the information about the selected variable. location will be empty if the source was the base workspace. Output dir will be the directory the file was loaded from. dir will be ">> Base Workspace <<" if value was loaded from Matlab workspace.

See: Load Dialog Box


exitonall = [ {0} | 1 ] when 1, selecting ">>> ALL <<<" from the list of variables will cause the load dialog to exit with an empty output.

See Also

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