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Exports data/dso and parafac model as a openfluor .txt file


of_model = parafacforopenfluor(data,model,’MyModel’);
of_model = parafacforopenfluor(data,model,’MyModel.txt’);


parafacforopenfluor extracts data from a dataset object and its corresponding PARAFAC model to a customized structure which is then exported as a .txt file. The .txt file is formatted for querying the database.


  • data: The dataset object of the absorbance & emission spectra or excitation & emission fluorescence spectra.
  • model: The PARAFAC model obtain from processing the dataset object. Important: Only PARAFAC Models are accepted.
  • filename: <string>, contains the name to be used in creating the .txt file used for querying the database. Adding the ‘.txt’ file extension is optional for the input variable.


  • of_model: A structure containing the extracted data from the dataset object and the PARAFAC model. Formatted for openfluor.m. The fields are:
    • X: Fluorescence spectra (Data).
    • Em: Axisscale for the data’s second mode.
    • Ex: Axisscale for the data’s third mode.
    • Model2: PARAFAC model loadings.
  • A .txt file will also be saved, containing the information from the output variable of_model in the current active directory.

See Also

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