Quantitative Regression Analysis

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These methods develop regression models which attempt to predict a quantity based on measurements of responses (x-block) and corresponding quantities (y-block) on known samples.

The y-block may contain a physical quantity which is directly related to the measurements in the x-block, or it may be a value which is indirectly related to the measured x-block values. In the latter case, the resulting model is considered an "inferential" model.

Standard Linear Modeling Methods

analysis - Graphical user interface for data analysis.
cls - Classical Least Squares regression for multivariate Y.
crossval - Cross-validation for decomposition and linear regression.
mlr - Multiple Linear Regression for multivariate Y.
pcr - Principal components regression for multivariate Y.
pls - Partial least squares regression for multivariate Y.
stepwise_regrcls - Step-wise regression for CLS models.

Multiway Models

npls - Multilinear-PLS (N-PLS) for true multi-way regression.
modelviewer - Visualization tool for multi-way models.

Local, Non-linear, and Other Methods

ann - Artificial Neural Network regression models.
cr - Continuum Regression for multivariate y.
frpcr - Full-ratio PCR calibration and prediction.
lwr - Locally weighted regression for univariate Y.
polypls - PLS regression with polynomial inner-relation.
ridge - Ridge regression by Hoerl-Kennard-Baldwin.
svm - SVM Support Vector Machine for regression.
svmda - SVM Support Vector Machine for classification.
xgb - Gradient Boosted Tree Ensemble for regression using XGBoost.
xgbda - Gradient Boosted Tree Ensemble for classification (Discriminant Analysis) using XGBoost.

Other Topics

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